Abducted By Canadian Aliens

I will admit that ten years of living in Montclair, New Jersey with its excellent restaurant scene has spoiled me, and that as a result, Niagara Falls's food choices in particular have in particular felt a little… horrifying sparse.

Last night, when I couldn't face another TGIFriday's style dinner, I made use of THE GOOGLE and found Thrillist's article Places to Eat in Niagara Falls That Don't Suck. So far, Thrillist hasn't steered us wrong. Last night we had delicious Greek food at Koutouki and now we've been abducted by aliens for breakfast at the Flying Saucer.

I was so excited about the Flying Saucer that we swung by last night to check it out on our way home from Greek food, and got a couple of excellent photos with the backdrop of the mammoth storms moving in.

Then, this morning, my family was officially kidnapped by aliens:

The alien food injections, however, were quite tasty:

And at $34.05 CAD to feed a family of four

We won't end up like this:

Now we're off to another day of exploring the Falls area, in part with old friends who are meeting us for lunch.


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