Tel Aviv Beach Time

Tel Aviv

While we were staying in Tel Aviv there was not a lot of variety in the things that we did. Unless you call going to the beach, hanging out in the Airbnb, and going to a Mexican restaurant, a large variety of things. So, I am going to show you something that I wrote while there.

Daddy and Sissy are arguing about something or other about the oven and Mommy and I want to go out and go to the beach. So we go to the beach. The beach was awesome, it had a playground in it, and in the playground there was a crazy climbing place. It had three different entrances. They were, a ladder with chains ropes and bars on it, a leaf shaped thing but instead of veins they were ropes to climb on, and a yellowish brown barkless log with large peg heads on it to climb on. Then I climbed on some flip bars.

There were also some people who were water surfing but with kites.

Finally we went back home and that was a good day.

The end.


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