We are still a bit behind on Blogging so here is another catch up post.

After our time in Greece, we flew to Germany. We stayed with some old friends of ours who are German citizens, but who used to live in the U.S. If anyone ever says anything negative about German hospitality, I will set them straight! Our friends were so accommodating, they put us up for a week and then arranged for us to stay with their extended family around Germany for additional days as well.  They took us sightseeing and gave us all sorts of tips and insight to German life and culture. They were wonderful!

We started our travels in Northern Germany. Here are a few pictures from Hamburg. Hamburg is sometimes called the Venice of the North (of course so are a lot of other places) and you can see what they mean from the canals.

We also had the chance to visit a museum dedicated to all the people who emigrated away from Germany, kind of like an Ellis Island museum in reverse. This was fascinating for me because my Grandmother on my Father’s side was one of these people. (She came through Ellis Island more than 100 years ago at age 4 with her parents). Here are a few pictures from the museum plus a shot of the anchorage where ships departed from in Bremerhaven (although my Grandmother actually travelled from nearby Hamburg).

While we were still in Northern Germany we also spent a day on an island in the North Sea, it was very picturesque. As you can see.  

We then travelled South and stayed in the middle of Germany in a small German city called Gutersloh. Gutersloh is home to the Miele industrial company, maybe you have seen their washing machines in the U.S. Our hosts took us to an old German castle and showed us around the town a bit. Some pictures follow.

We finished up our time in Germany (with the exception of a quick stop in Berlin later on) with a few days in Munich. Munich is a great city. It has an awesome urban greenspace (the English Garden) and is just a really nice city to be in. Of course Munich is also home to Oktoberfest and the fairgrounds for that are absolutely enormous!  See pictures following.

We travelled on to Austria and the Czech Republic next, but we did stop quickly in Berlin after that while on our way back to Amsterdam. Here are a few pictures relating to the Berlin Wall since that was all we had time for sightseeing in Berlin.



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