Art in Paradise

In Chiangmai we spent a day with my great aunt and great uncle and visited Art in Paradise. Art in Paradise is sort of like a museum, in the sense that it has paintings, but not beyond that. It has murals on the walls (and floor) that look three dimensional from certain angles. You can take pictures in the paintings and they look pretty cute and a little cheesy. One of the coolest things was that the museum had created an AR (augmented reality) app that went along with some of the pictures. Point the in-app camera and you get a short animation of the painting in front of you. The best way to describe this fun day is in photos, so here goes. (Some of the pictures were taken in the app so they show the buttons.)


3 thoughts on “Art in Paradise

  1. Hi Sarah and family. It’s Beth here, from Tyler Place. Glad to see you are all still having fun and are fine. I’ll explore your site a little more to get updated. I look every couple months. Such an adventure!

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