Welcome to Canada, Idiot!

“Welcome to Canada, Idiot!” This is a quote from The Son of Neptune in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan when someone is about to kill a giant. The giant’s home territory is Alaska, and the giant is invincible and immortal there. The giant is dragged by an elephant — not going to explain more — to Canada while unconscious, and humming the tune that sounded suspiciously like Jingle Bells. “Welcome to Canada, Idiot” are the last words that one person says to the the giant before the person kills it.

Yesterday I went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side! This is why I was thinking of the quote, especially because on this trip we’ve been quoting books that are funny, so I said this right before we crossed the international border over the Rainbow Bridge, which was not the Rainbow Bridge that animals cross when they die, although the animal Rainbow Bridge did get pooped on (not going to explain that now).

Niagara Falls was really interesting although it was also very scary.


Ok that sounds like I went down Niagara Falls but obviously I did not.

What I learned about how it was formed was that at one point in time a part of the Earth crumbled into the water, making a whirlpool. The water also softened some stone in some places that eventually came down making Niagara Falls. When the Falls were first made they were 7 miles from where they are now. They used to move 3 feet every year, but now electricity dams make them move much more slowly so now they only move a couple of inches each year.

I also went to caves under Niagara Falls. I did not like it at all but Sissy did like it except for when she had to turn her back to Niagara Falls so Mommy could take a picture.

We went to a Greek restaurant for dinner while we were staying at Niagara Falls because Mommy was like, "This food is terrible" so she went on this website called Thrillist and found a list of Niagara Falls restaurants with food that "doesn't suck." At the Greek restaurant, there was a kind of seafood pasta called "Pasta Neptune." I asked the waiter why it wasn't called "Pasta Poseidon" since it's a Greek place, but the waiter pointed out that Neptune is the Roman god of the sea and pasta is Italian, not Greek.

There was also this thing called the White Water Walk with Class 6 rapids. Eek! So, so scary. Nowadays I am thinking I don't ever want to go on there again. It is actually true.

The next day I went on a boat that was terrifying to me but everyone else really liked it. The boat ride was with us and with another family we know. But we can all agree that it was very wet.

I'm currently back in The United States Of America! Yay! Wooooooooooooooooo!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Canada, Idiot!

  1. Great post Julie!! And I loved your question about Pasta Neptune. Hope it was delicious regardless of the Roman name in a Greek restaurant. Proud of you for going in the caves and on the boat even though you were scared. You are smart, strong, and brave! Have fun on the rest of your trip and I look forward to your next post!


  2. Those are amazing pics! And I’m not going to hear how the Rainbow Bridge was pooped on!??!?! you know how to leave your audience in suspense! Also, I love those ponchos! PS How did the falls move 7 miles every year!? How do falls move!??! The earth is an amazing place!

    (This post has inspired some follow-up questions, as you can see!!!)


  3. Really great pics….We were there last week end. Amazing place. We did lodge in Canadian side with the Waterpark package – kids loved it. so did we.. The Sheraton over the Falls has a Fantastic buffet – children eat free from 5-6pm Great post..


  4. Great post. Very perceptive noting that the Roman name for the god of the sea was in a Greek restaurant. Liked the explanation given too.

    That much water rushing down is terrifying but it one of the few times the word “Awesome” is appropriate.

    Keep the great post coming. I’m learning a lot from you all on your trip.


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