Continuing our European travels, we spent a few days in Amsterdam.  The Dutch capital (but not the seat of the government!) is a lovely city in springtime, when we were there. We didn’t do extensive sightseeing, but we went to a very nice park in the city, we saw the main square and we visited … More Amsterdam


We are still a bit behind on Blogging so here is another catch up post. After our time in Greece, we flew to Germany. We stayed with some old friends of ours who are German citizens, but who used to live in the U.S. If anyone ever says anything negative about German hospitality, I will … More Germany

Italy and Greece

We have fallen rather behind on blogging, so it is time to catch up! After our time in Israel, we are finishing our travels with three months in Europe.  In order to avoid arriving in Greece during Easter (by the Greek Orthodox calendar) we decided to start our European travels by flying to Rome.  We … More Italy and Greece

Beer: Munich

This post jumps ahead chronologically since we haven’t caught up with our travels yet,  but I wanted to share a new beer post. People have brewed beer (or something like it) for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians certainly brewed beer and doubtless people were brewing long before that. (We don’t know for sure what … More Beer: Munich

Israel: Jerusalem

We are a bit behind on our blogging, so this post will summarize our stay in Jerusalem and the rest of our time in Israel. Jerusalem is a fascinating place.  Of course, it has great significance to three of the world’s major religions, but Jerusalem is also a place where ancient history and modern tensions … More Israel: Jerusalem

Israel: The North

After spending almost two months in Southeast Asia, we flew from Bangkok to Tel Aviv, Israel. (We should be posting about our short trip to Vietnam soon, but I wanted to move along to Israel while it is still fresh).    Israel is a fascinating country, but in some ways it was surprisingly difficult to … More Israel: The North

Asian Beer

Since we have finished traveling in Southeast Asia (although we still owe our readers a blog post or two) I can now return to a frequent topic of our domestic travels – Beer! Even considering the article I read from an in flight magazine on one of our many plane flights that claimed there was … More Asian Beer


After spending several weeks in Thailand, we continued our travels with two short stops in Cambodia and Vietnam. This post will cover Cambodia and there will be another one for Vietnam. Our main objective while visiting Cambodia was to see the famous temple complexes near Siem Reap, including Angkor Wat, but we also had the … More Cambodia