Cleaning: Ugg.

IMG_0836.JPGNo one really likes cleaning their house or room. You may say you do but, not really. Maybe a little, but when it comes to moving, forget about it.

My family has never been the most err… clean and organized. Every so often though, when our house is a really a mess we go on a cleaning spree and everyone is expected to help out. Expected being the key word in this sentence of course. But when it comes to us practically moving out of our house, everyone actually does help. Example: we had to move books to be sold out to the garage, just Julie and I. Usually a task like this would take maybe an hour or forty five minutes. Once both of us actually helped out it was done in maybe twenty minutes. So if we could do a simple task like that so quickly we would certainly get the rest of the house done in no time, right?

It turns out we were wrong.

The house is certainly not finished now. The downstairs floor is very close now, but over time I’ve been slowly getting discouraged as it seems to take longer and longer.

Anyway, as Mom says, “you wanna go on this trip right?”


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