Musing on Football

As part of our continuing travels  we took a quick tour of Sarah’s alma mater today, Wesleyan University.  The following picture is the athletic field at Wesleyan. Sarah commented that all the school’s varsity baseball and football games were played here.


I was surprised by the lack of permanent stands or a permanent stadium for the student athletes to compete in. And then a revelation struck me with the force of a thunderbolt. As a lifetime NY Jets fan I suddenly understood why our arch nemesis, Bill Belichick, is possibly (I admit it) the best NFL football coach ever. This is the field he played his college football on when he attended Wesleyan.  Not the Rose Bowl, not Michigan University’s stadium, not the Cotton Bowl…. no, this little grass field that doesn’t even have permanent stands. That’s where he played. No wonder he’s such a perfectionist, no wonder he’s truly an evil genius. This gnaws at him, it rankles him, it bites him every day. So he has to be the best ever, he has to be the winningest coach in the NFL to prove to everyone he’s better than this….  As a Jets fan, all I can say is why, oh why didn’t he at least go to Yale. It ain’t great, but at least he could have played in the Harvard Yale game every year.  Or Princeton, he’d be just as boring then, but then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have felt the need to be quite such a good NFL coach. And maybe he wouldn’t have felt the need to beat the Jets quite so many times.


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