Beer No. 1

One of the aspects of this trip that I have looked forward to is the opportunity to experience local cuisine as we travel around the country and then around the world. Part of that also involves trying out various craft and local beers as we move around the U.S. This is my first installment of reporting on my beer journey.

Last week in Rhinebeck, NY, I had the chance to try out a Bull & Barrell – Honey Blueberry Ale. (Don’t ask me why, but that’s how they spelled Barrel (“Barrell”) on the menu).


It was good, with real blueberries floating (or sinking) in it. (Ignore the logo on the glass, it had nothing to do with the contents).

Then today in Salem, MA, I tried a Castle Island Candlepin Ale.


This was essentially a Pale Ale.  It was fine, nothing too special. That’s it for the first installment of the beer journey. On to Maine next to see what the Beer landscape there looks like.


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