Donut Ice Cream Cone

I loved it.

My not-as-much-a-lover-of-cinnamon kid didn't love it as much.

My other kid had some crazy fish cone with custard on the bottom.

But yum.

Donut. Ice Cream. Cone.

Oh, and we had a lovely visit with my brother, his wife, my nephew, my niece, and my sister-in-law's mother and step-father. Many, many thanks to my brother and his family for hosting us, letting us do laundry at their house, and for agreeing to store two suitcases of crap we'd decided we'd overpacked. My morning Tetris luggage games have been significantly easier the past few days…

But Donut Ice Cream Cone.

Available at The Happy Pike in West Chazy, NY, in case you're interested.

Who wouldn't be?

Donut Ice Cream Cone.

Did I mention that they cover the inside with hot fudge (or any other topping of your request)?

Donut. Ice Cream. Cone.


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