Morning Tetris

We seem to be getting better and better at our pack up and move out process. But each morning as I pack the car, I feel like I'm playing my morning game of expert-level Tetris.

It's particularly Tetris-esque when my family goes back inside to bring out the rest of our stuff, and the rest of our stuff includes the bag that critically needs to go in before I can pack anything else.

So yesterday morning I spent quite a few minutes standing around the parking lot (including snapping the above photo) while my family not only went in for the rest of the luggage, but apparently also to use the bathroom, pack sandwiches, and check about five times each to see if anything had been left behind. Of course the one piece I really needed to finish packing the car was my big orange LL Bean duffle, which was still in the room.

Now that we were able to shed Julie's gigantor duffle and my humongous suitcase at my brother's, I'm able to pack everything fairly easily so that I still have a full view out the rear window.

These days, I often find myself inordinately proud of my Tetris skills. I pack a tight trunk!


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