Yes, It’s a Little Corny

From the beginning of our travels I have been eagerly anticipating arriving at the National Parks in the Western U.S.  However, to get there you have to deal with a lot of driving across some pretty boring places.  One of those places is South Dakota.  No disrespect meant, but it’s pretty dull.


However, if you are crossing the southern part of South Dakota on Route 93, you too can visit the world’s only…. Corn Palace.  Yup, you got it, a Corn Palace.


Each year they cover the outside with murals made out of corn.  This year’s theme was “Rock of Ages” honoring Rock and Roll music legends.


It was pretty corny (in more ways than one – sorry for the terrible pun) but kind of cool in a weird way.  So if you are ever near Mitchell, SD, you too can see the world’s only Corn Palace.




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