Florida Golf is for the Birds

Before we set off on our travels, Julie made a request (demand) that we travel to Florida so she could visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium and see Winter the dolphin. For more on that, see her recent post. Visiting Florida also meant a stop in Orlando so the kids could see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Given the price tag for tickets, and my lack of awe and wonder regarding Harry Potter (the books are fine, but I’m just not a rabid fan), I went and played golf. 
I played 18 holes at Royal St. Cloud Golf Links, a nice links course south of Orlando. I had a par and a few bogeys, not a great round, but it was fun. As an added bonus, there were birds all over the place (see the picture) and probably a few gators lurking in the water hazards!


One thought on “Florida Golf is for the Birds

  1. One of the main reasons we enjoy Florida is the birds everywhere. Because we live on a golf course in a bird sanctuary, they have first place and know it. Yes, there are crocs in the water. We can see them clearly from the third


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