The Other Red Meat

We just arrived in Singapore after spending almost three weeks “down under” traveling through Australia.  We will have several posts coming about our Aussie experiences, but I decided to start with this post on a food topic.

While we were in Melbourne near the end of our Australian travels, I had the opportunity to buy some lovely red meat for the “Barbie” (Barbecue):


This is what a Barbecue grill often looks like in Australia – seems more like frying your dinner rather than grilling it.


And here’s the finished product:

910D5C72-F3C9-44FD-A371-FA81026BD1FBDelicious, medium rare…..KNGAROO steak.  Yup, you got it, Kangaroo.  They do eat Roo down under in Australia. We tasted it, and I thought it was kind of like a lean, gamey, Flank Steak. Not bad, but I freely admit I had trouble getting past the idea that I was eating that fuzzy, cuddly creature we saw at the petting zoo a few days earlier!


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