Asian Beer

Since we have finished traveling in Southeast Asia (although we still owe our readers a blog post or two) I can now return to a frequent topic of our domestic travels – Beer!

Even considering the article I read from an in flight magazine on one of our many plane flights that claimed there was craft brewing in Southeast Asia… I don’t believe it! It wasn’t very convincing.  They had to include Australia and New Zealand to (barely) come up with a top ten list.

However, the local mass produced brews aren’t half bad. There are the ubiquitous Tiger Beer and Leo Beer from Singapore. Pretty decent on a hot day (every day is a hot day in Singapore) and you can find them all over Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and plenty of other places I bet.

Locally in Cambodia you can get this:


And check out the pull tab!


While in Vietnam, they have their own national brew too.


No, I have no idea what Zorok translates as.

And if you must, you can actually get Budweiser in Vietnam  Three guesses why people in Vietnam might have come to like Budweiser (try putting together G.I., War and Vietnam if you are stumped).

In summary, these local brews weren’t bad.  No comparison to the developed craft brewing in the USA, but all were tasty cold brews to go with typically spicy Asian food. (Well, all except that Cambodia lager above.  As my dear departed Mother in Law used to joke, it’s like making love in a canoe. It’s f-cking close to water!)




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