Plimoth Plantation Ahoy

I went to Plimoth Plantation with Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy. It was a full-sized model of the village where the Pilgrims lived when they came to America.

It was really great they had a lot of chickens and some goats.

See? There are chickens in the house pecking the ground probably looking for worms.

It was very fun! We met some reenactors who were very nice.

We also found armor, some things can be worn.

Cutest soldier ever. 

Someone spun wool into yarn and dyed it with — eww — beetles!

This bowl is full of the beetles they use for dyeing wool.

After seeing the village I think I would have sort of liked being a Pilgrim, but sort of not liked it. I would have sort of liked it because it was a much simpler life and people weren’t bustling around in cars and stuff. But I wouldn’t have liked it because we would never have known for sure if we had enough crops for the winter and we would have had to trade things that we worked really hard to get or make for other things like maybe five deer skins for a dress.


7 thoughts on “Plimoth Plantation Ahoy

  1. I remember loving Plymouth Plantation when I was a kid!!! I thought it was so interesting and fun–seems like you did, too!! Next time I’m at my parents’ house, I’ll see if I can find some pictures of me there to show you!


  2. Hey Jules

    What a fun day. I never knew they used beetles for dyeing wool – what an interesting fact.

    Loved the blog today


  3. Beetles to dye yarn? Who knew! Did you learn if other insects would work and what colors they would produce?


  4. SUch a fascinating time! I would love to see what natural America looked like before we cut down trees and built cities and highways. Imagine the biodiversity!! But– then I think I agree with you, Jules, being nervous about food for the winter would NOT be fun. Neither, frankly, would being an outspoken woman during the time. I’m pretty sure I’d be labeled a witch, ha. Oh well I guess it’s good we live in today’s time!!!


  5. That rooster is beautiful.

    My sister has a spinning wheel my grandparents used. We used to try and spin but we weren’t much good at it


  6. Dear Julie,

    So fun to read your family blog and we particularly enjoyed your blog post today!

    We live in Germany and our daughter is seven – her name is Julia (also nicknamed ‘Jules’). She speaks both German and English and really enjoys following your adventure!

    Keep the blog post coming – can’t wait to learn more!



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