Beer No. 2

We are in the great State of Maine! I know nearby Vermont is renown for craft beer, but I figured I would see what I could find here. First up is a simple Pilsner.  I was in the mood for something crisp and light with a fried clam sandwich at lunch so I tried the Bunker, Machine Czech Pilz.


Clearly Julie and Elizabeth had no interest in this beer but I did. I was nice and crisp and tasty. Good choice for lunch in Portland ME.

Next one up is kind of funny.  It’s not exactly a craft beer, and not local to Maine.  Here it is.


OK, I know you are never going to be able to identify a beer just by looking at it. This is a Rolling Rock…. yes, that’s right, plain old Rolling Rock.  It was on special for $2 a pint… I couldn’t resist.  And just like 30 years ago when I was in college and we went out drinking one night, I remembered that it actually isn’t half bad!

Last one from Maine has an interesting flavoring agent.  It’s called Banded Horn Greenwarden. It is an American Pale Ale with locally foraged spruce tips. Yup, Pine Tree in your beer.  It was actually really good.  The pine taste sits right under the hops and it is a great combination.  Here it is.















3 thoughts on “Beer No. 2

  1. I remember the Rolling Rock days of yore. I think I’d like to try Banded Horn Greenwarden. It sounds interesting


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