Beer No. 3

Just a quick post about our stop at a craft brewery in Maine last week..

While we were zipping around southern Maine visiting some of Sarah’s old haunts (she lived in Maine for a few years back at the turn of the century), we stopped in at the Norway Brewing Company in Norway ME.


The brew master stopped by our table and was nice enough to explain that he brews in a style that sits right between the typical very “hoppy” Vermont IPAs that have become so popular and the somewhat traditional Maine beers that have a much more distinct sweetness to their brew. We tasted a flight of six of the current offerings:


All the offerings were very good, but I especially liked the Session Ale and the Pilsner. The Pilsner (second from the top on the left) was a very light and crisp beer. So take that Vermont! Maine has good craft beer too!






One thought on “Beer No. 3

  1. I heard your family story on Radio New Zealand – what an adventure! When you have it to New Zealand I do hope you come to Wellington. The craft beer capital. I’d be happy to meet up and take you to a few hidden haunts!


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