Beer No. 4

Since my last beer post we have made it all the way out to South Dakota. Yes, they have beer in South Dakota, and they have craft brewing here.  I sampled a beer from the Black Tooth Brewing Company.  The below is a Saddle Bronc Brown from this brewer. This is a malty English style … More Beer No. 4

Second City

Last week we spent several days in Chicago. Chicago has a number of nicknames, including Chi-Town, The Windy City, and the one that struck me most, The Second City. I found myself comparing Chicago to New York City, the city I am most familiar with (since I have lived near there most of my life … More Second City

Beer No. 3

Just a quick post about our stop at a craft brewery in Maine last week.. While we were zipping around southern Maine visiting some of Sarah’s old haunts (she lived in Maine for a few years back at the turn of the century), we stopped in at the Norway Brewing Company in Norway ME. rew … More Beer No. 3

Beer No. 2

We are in the great State of Maine! I know nearby Vermont is renown for craft beer, but I figured I would see what I could find here. First up is a simple Pilsner.  I was in the mood for something crisp and light with a fried clam sandwich at lunch so I tried the … More Beer No. 2

Beer No. 1

One of the aspects of this trip that I have looked forward to is the opportunity to experience local cuisine as we travel around the country and then around the world. Part of that also involves trying out various craft and local beers as we move around the U.S. This is my first installment of … More Beer No. 1

Musing on Football

As part of our continuing travels  we took a quick tour of Sarah’s alma mater today, Wesleyan University.  The following picture is the athletic field at Wesleyan. Sarah commented that all the school’s varsity baseball and football games were played here. I was surprised by the lack of permanent stands or a permanent stadium for … More Musing on Football

Money, Money, Money, it Doesn’t Have to be a Rich Man’s Life

By this point you may be wondering exactly how does a comfortably middle class family from suburban New Jersey afford a year of travel around the world? Being the frugal, risk averse, penny pinching miser that I am, the answer is, we don’t!! Forget it, we aren’t going, cancel the plans to buy the RV, … More Money, Money, Money, it Doesn’t Have to be a Rich Man’s Life